ENGN120D Strategies for Creative ProcessFall 2012

Course Description:

There is no simple strategy for creative thinking. Creative thinking is a critical response to the world around us- to our curiosities and interests, to the questions our observations generate, to the ways we frame problems, and to the strategies we develop for translating what we imagine into objects and experiences. Working as artist/designers, making objects in a studio environment, we will examine various approaches for the development and refinement of our creative processes. We will explore visual literacy, design thinking, creative collaboration, exploratory play, divergent and convergent thinking, iteration, ideation, woodworking, drawing, and variety of other approaches to the creative process, as we establish a technical and conceptual foundation for the design and fabrication of objects and experiences.

Our goal this semester is to establish a foundation for creative thinking. The projects and exercises will investigate: 1) The exploration of various strategies for the development of ideas, and the translation of those ideas into concrete outcomes. 2) The establishment of a technical foundation in both 2D and 3D media.

These images were taken at our final critique.