The Creative MindSpring 2009 - Present

The Creative Mind Initiative is a continuation of the conversations that began with the New Curriculum over 40 years ago. Our goal is to develop innovative strategies for creative thinking and build upon Brown's past successes in fostering the creative impulses of faculty and students. The Creative Mind Initiative will explore creative thinking, and integrate it, both horizontally across disciplines, and vertically between students and faculty.

Creativity is a particularly difficult concept to describe. And yet, we all immediately recognize its cultural, social, and economic importance. It manifests itself everywhere, in all facets of life, from the most quotidian to the most sublime. Creative processes give form to the shape of the world around us. We recognize creative forces in the evolving processes of nature, and celebrate it in the greatest innovative achievements of our age, and of innovations past. And still, our understanding of this complex process remains somewhat of a mystery.

There is no single strategy for teaching creative thinking. Creative thinking is a critical response to the world around us - to our diverse curiosities and interests, to the questions our observations generate, to the ways we frame problems, and to the strategies we develop for translating what we imagine into new experiences. By providing a window into the classroom, studio, and laboratory, the Creative Mind Initiative hopes to foster a better understanding of the creative process as it plays out across the University. It is our hope that these insights will give us better equipment for understanding the creative process, and become a resource for teaching creativity.