The Grand Anything2011

Typically, we begin the creative process with a particular destination in mind - an idea we want to actualize, a place we want to get to. After this has been determined, the creative process is merely a matter of figuring out the best way to get there. This can be an effective strategy for addressing a particular problem or asking a specific question. However, if you have a predetermined idea of where you are going, you might miss out on the other interesting opportunities that disclose themselves to you. The way in which we frame problems determine the kinds of solutions we arrive at. But why should the creative process begin with a problem at all?

These workshops investigated exploratory play as a tool for framing and reframing our goals as we moved through the design process. Working at the Tockwotton Studio, our creative collaboration culminated in the design and construction of The Grand Anything... a structure whose form and function was not predetermined, but rather emerged out of purposeful play.